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London Wasp Control Helpline:

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London Wasp Nest Removal ExpertsHow To Avoid Wasps Safely On Your Property

Steering clear of a wasp nest is ultimately untenable over a long period of time, and a speedy removal is always recommended, due to the infestation's increasing size and aggression as the season progresses. Nevertheless, if you are waiting to sort out an extermination, or if you are having difficulties arranging one, it is best to spend this period trying to stay safe from the wasps while they are still on your property, taking precautions to protect yourself and other occupants of your property.

If you have seen the nest or know where it is, that area should be scrupulously avoided; if it is a loft area, it is best not to access that area, and perhaps to lock it if there are children on your property, while if it is on a tree or in a garden, it is best not go out and to keep any pets from getting close to it. If you do not know where it is, however, you should not try to locate the nest yourself, as it can be incredibly easy to accidentally provoke the wasps while searching for it – it can be easy to step on or bump into, particular if it might be behind a wall or under floorboards.

London Wasp ControlShould you see a wasp nearby, it is best not to provoke it, and it is important to try not to crush it, as if it is crushed it will release a chemical that might attract other wasps to sting. Again, it is important to stop pets from trying to disturb the wasp (dogs will often try to eat them) and to keep any children away.

If you see wasps swarming around food stuffs or waste it is best not to disturb them, as these swarms can turn aggressive if one of their members is killed.

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Highly Trained and Experienced Wasp SpecialistsFood and waste should be disposed of properly, as this will prevent feeding swarms like this from forming in the first place, lessening the chance of a confrontation with the insects. Sugary foods can be especially attractive to wasps, so be especially careful with these; wipe up any spilled sugary drinks quickly, and be surely to swiftly and properly dispose of any fruit once you are done with it.

Watching what you wear can reduce the chance of being stung too. Making sure to wear shoes will stop you from accidentally stepping on a wasp and getting stung (although ideally you don't want to step on a wasp at all). Being careful with the use of scents and performs is helpful, as these can sometimes attract wasps to you, increasing the chance of an incident.

In general, staying still and making no sudden movements when wasps are near by ought to keep you from being stung, but following these tips ought to help you guarantee maximum safety until an extermination can be performed. Make sure that other inhabitants of your property, whether they are family members or co-workers, are fully informed of how to handle the wasps and keep themselves safe, which will reduce the chance of them setting off an attack themselves.

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