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London Wasp Control Helpline:

0203 026 1231
Call us for a quote, advice or to request a rapid response call out.
0203 026 1231

London Wasp Nest Removal ExpertsHow To Remove A Treated Wasp Nest Inside Your Property

Once a wasp nest has been treated, it is generally advised that you leave it for a period of time to allow any wasps inside to die off. This can take up to 48 hours in some extreme cases, and it is best to remove a nest later than sooner, as once treated there is no immediate rush to necessity to get rid of it. After you have waited, it is best to observe the nest before trying to remove it, to see if it is still active. If you notice wasps still entering and exiting the nest, and they do not die off soon, it is best to call us to have us look at the nest again. We guarantee all our work, and though our treatments have rarely if ever failed on the first time round, we nevertheless make it a policy to come back and re-do the treatment free of charge should it not work.

London Wasp ControlOnce the nest is dormant, it is generally best to sweep up any dead wasps around the nests and dispose of them. Sometimes they can decompose and form an unpleasant residue, so it is best to get rid of them quickly. Once you have cleared the area, you should lay down a covering over the floor or keep a bin-bag ready underneath the nest. This will catch any detritus or further wasp bodies that might fall out.

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Highly Trained and Experienced Wasp SpecialistsA wasp nest is fragile, made of a thin, paper-like substance that will crack quite easily, so it will not be too hard to remove from the surface it is attached to, yet it can be difficult to do so without cracking it.

It is best not to crack the nest, as it will spill fragments of nest material and wasps, so keeping the nest in one peace will result in less clean-up. If you cannot remove the nest without cracking it, make sure that you try to do so over an open bin bag, to catch any mess.

If that is impossible, such as when a nest is inside a wall cavity or when it the majority of the nest is stuck to a surface, you may wish to have our team perform the removal for you. Most customers prefer to remove the empty nest themselves, but we do give the option to have our team do so for an extra charge. If you do decide to remove it yourself, you ought to be careful when doing so, and we strongly recommend the use of protective gloves, particularly when dealing with the bodies of the wasps themselves – it is unlikely that you will get stung by a dead wasp, yet their stings can still pierce after they are dead.

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