London Wasp Control Helpline:

0203 026 1231
Call us for a quote, advice or to request a rapid response call out.
London Wasp Nest Removal Specialists
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London Wasp Control Helpline:

0203 026 1231
Call us for a quote, advice or to request a rapid response call out.
0203 026 1231

London Wasp Nest Removal ExpertsWelcome to London Wasp Nest Removal Experts

London Wasp Control & Wasp Nest Removal Experts offers a comprehensive wasp-removal service throughout every borough in the London area, with a large team of expert technicians on hand throughout the city to respond to infestation problems as soon as we hear of them.

Belonging one of the largest pest-control businesses operating in London, we keep our phone-lines open 7 days a week, and when required operate a policy of same-day call-outs, meaning that we will always try to have an operator at your property to assess your problem on the same day you call - often within just 2 hours of you contacting us!

London Wasp ControlWe have the resources to deal with infestations of any severity in-house, and we will never have to refer you on to another company or delay an extermination or wasp nest removal while waiting for the necessary gear – all of our offices are well staffed, well equipped, and have a long history of working with customers in their local area.

To have our highly trained wasp nest removal experts visit you to safely rid you of your wasp problems, please call 0203 026 1231 and have our technicians visit you today!

London Wasp Nest Removal

London Wasp Nest Removal Experts is part of the much larger London Insect Control company, and wasp-nest removals are such a prevalent and pressing concern throughout the London area it requires its own dedicated team.

Our technicians have dealt with wasp-nests in all types of property, including houses, garden areas, public buildings and businesses, and they emphasise a discrete, fast-acting treatment no matter where the wasps have set up. Our removal service doesn't just cover exterminating the wasps themselves, we can also remove the hive for you. This can be done yourself relatively easily as they're perfectly safe to handle once we are done.

We have compiled the following Wasp How To Guides which we hope you find useful:

Why Choose Us?

In the insect control industry, there are numerous small, independent operators with strong local knowledge but with limited resources, and there are also large, well-equipped businesses that nevertheless place little emphasis on customer relations or convenience. London Wasp Nest Removal Experts gives the best of both worlds, with all the modern technology and rigorous accreditation that a large company can provide, but with individual teams throughout the whole of London, staffed by technicians familiar with the areas in which they work.

This allows us to tailor our services to the customer and to the particular demands of their property and the local environment. Our large team and our 7-days-a-week opening times allow us to be there for the customer whenever we are needed, and more able to fit our work around the customer's schedule.

Highly Trained and Experienced Wasp SpecialistsHighly Trained & Experienced Wasp Specialists

All of our technicians at London Wasp Control are accredited by the RSPH (the Royal Society for Public Health) and the BPCA (the British Pest Control Association), but on top of this they pride themselves on their strong local knowledge and their in-the-field experience.

While their official qualifications allow our technicians to use the high-grade insecticides necessary to remove wasp infestations, their long experience with wasp removal prepares them for the numerous unexpected eventualities that come up when dealing with these insects.

Our technicians have found hives built into street-lamps, into tractor-axles, hidden inside of wall cavities and all manner of places that many people simply would not expect, and every time they have found away to apply their insecticidal treatment to the hive, no matter how inaccessible it may at first have seemed.


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